About Me

I am a self taught watercolorist. I started working in watercolors as early as 1981, but
​only really steadily since 2011. I became attracted to its innocence and translucence and gradually learned how to do it. I believe that art is a creation and a communication, and if it is beautiful, pleasing and/or inspiring it is an artwork. My bare bones definition of ART is "The intentional creation of something beautiful." Aesthetics lie above the level of Logic or Reason. Yet, the purposeful construction of an artwork requires guidelines and reason. I work mostly in landscapes, whether from photos, en plein air or from imagination. I enjoy creating art and sharing my vision with others, and I'll do whatever I have to do to make it work whether it be by adding salt, pastel, or what have you. I love the challenge each individual subject holds for me. "How can I communicate the unique character of it that inspired me to take it on?" And my hope is for you to be as inspired as I was!

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